My TBR Pile

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my TBR Pile. You’re probably here for one of two reasons: you’re checking out the website, or you actually care about what I’m planning on reading. If you’re just checking out my website, I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’re liking what you see. If by chance you aren’t or you have some constructive criticism, feel free to get in touch! I’m all about self-improvement, and I want to make this creative space work for YOU as well as for me. And if you’re here because you care about what I’m planning on reading, well, yay! I’m glad you’re here too.

I have a habit of reading books and then telling everyone I know that they, too, should read this book and reach enlightenment alongside me. This almost never happens. Not because no one ends up liking the books I recommend, but because they just don’t bother reading them. (No hard feelings, you guys, I know we just have different tastes.)

Basically, I need a way to keep track of the books I plan on reading. It’d be even better if I could put them in a specific order that I intend to read them in so I can decrease downtime. This area of my virtual comfy space is going to allow me to do all of this. Here’s how:

In the Pile…

This section is for the books I just purchased and have not yet read. I’m going to put each book on here with additional necessary info (author, title, synopsis, all that good stuff) along with the reason why I decided to buy it. I want to include why I bought it because 1) I tend to buy so many books in spurts that I sometimes shove some aside and forget about them, then when I go to read them I almost forget what inspired me or pulled me toward it in the first place. 2) perhaps some of you might be interested in what makes me want to buy a book. I’ll try my best to keep this section updated regularly, meaning once I read the book I’m going to delete the post from this section completely since it’s no longer “in the pile.”

Out of the Pile

Once I read the book, I’m going to do my version of a little “review.” This basically means I’m just going to go into a little more depth on what it was about (no spoilers, I promise) and whether or not it was worth the purchase. It’s not too often that I regret buying a book, unless it winds up being so dull that I can’t get through it at all. But we shall see. I’m hesitant to consider these actual book reviews because, while they’re going to be critical, I’m not sure they’re going to be traditional. I don’t want to give myself credit for doing something that I may not be doing properly. This will be strictly my opinion and my take from the book, whether or not I regret the purchase and the read, and who I would recommend it to. I’m not sure how long I’ll leave these posts up, it will probably just depend on the rate at which I’m reading.

Quick note: Some of the books that wind up here will be books that have movie adaptations. I’ll put these books in the “In the Pile” section, business as usual, and I’ll make a note that it has a movie adaptation. Once I read it, I’ll slide it over into the “Out of the Pile” section and I’ll do the same as I would for any other book. I’ll leave the note on there that it has a movie adaptation and, once I’m able to get a post up for the “Book vs. Movie” category, I’ll slip in a link to that post so you can easily see that as well.

What’s currently sitting in your TBR Pile?

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