My Weird Reading Habits

I got this idea for a post from Kate’s Book Spot, a great blog I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with. Her blog post was so cute it inspired me to create a small list of my own quirks. Make sure to go check out her post, and her whole blog, I love it! She also has an Instagram, so go find her, her feed is so aesthetically pleasing and always showcases the best books. Thanks for the inspiration, Kate!

That being said, let’s get started: In no particular order, just like every other aspect of my life, here are my weird reading habits or, as Kate puts it, my “Bookish Quirks”!


As you may have guessed by the name of my blog, I prefer paperbacks. All. The. Way. It has come to my attention that a lot of bookstagrammers (and by “a lot” I kind of mean “basically everyone except me”) seem to prefer hardcover books. WHY?! I mean, I understand they’re more durable. Easier to take care of. When you quickly shove your book into your backpack when you realize it’s already time to head to your next class, the cover of a hardcover book can’t get bent when you start shoving in other items. (This actually just happened to me today with a book I just bought.) Sometimes hardcovers have better cover art (although I don’t see this often enough for it to be a reason to prefer them).

Paperbacks feel lighter in your hand. You get the feeling of holding the book (the feeling a tablet doesn’t give you, unfortunately) but without the heaviness of hardcover. You don’t have to worry about the book jacket sliding around, because as soon as it starts sliding around I take it off, which defeats the purpose of having it in the first place. It can’t protect my book when it’s sitting in the other room in time-out after it refused to behave while I read. You can crease the spine of a paperback. This doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I love used and abused books. I’m against dog-earing my books, but it doesn’t matter if I can tell someone else has done it before me. It adds character. I also appreciate annotations in my books from others.

Anyway, I know not everyone likes to be able to crease the spine of their books. I want to be able to lay my book down and have it lay flat for me, and I don’t get that with hardcovers. I also like the flexibility of paperbacks.

This is not to say I don’t like and appreciate hardcovers in their own way! I just prefer paperbacks.


I appreciate people who create playlists for books, I think it’s a super unique idea and something I’ve certainly never thought of. What baffles me is how people can create playlists or make song recommendations for music they listen to while they read.

Question: Are you people superhuman?

I don’t want to say I get easily distracted, because I don’t. But it’s so hard to focus on words on a page when there is sound around me. If I’m in a crowded room it’s different, because the voices blur together and turn into background noise. But if I can clearly interpret what the voices are saying, my mind gets muddy and words start to mix and it makes it impossible to focus. I can’t fully immerse myself into another world when this world is being so stinking loud.

Instrumentals are a little different, if it’s a playlist specifically made for studying/relaxation/focus.

Print Size

This one is recently discovered. I purchased a book from Amazon and didn’t realize it was the “Large Print” version, so when it arrived at my house and I opened it I was in for a big surprise (pun intended). I won’t say what book it is or anything, but I will say that for some reason this large print is making it difficult for me to get into this book. I hate that this is a reason for me not being able to focus, but the text is just so slightly different from what I’m used to that I have to notice it. I can’t help but notice it. And that takes away from the content.


If I’m hot and sweaty I can’t read. Case closed.

I’m the type of person who prefers to be cold. I believe it is far easier to snuggle and warm yourself up when you’re cold than it is to cool yourself off when you’re hot. I’d rather try to layer and get warm than throw the covers off and try to cool off in front of a fan that feels as if it’s just blowing more warm air at me, if I can even feel the air at all. I’m a blanket person; if I’m sitting on a couch or on my bed or in a chair, I want to have a blanket on me.

Location, Location, Location

As much as I’d like to think I could make this happen, I can’t read anywhere. I can’t read in the car, because I get nauseous. I’m not sure if this is so much due to the reading or the fact that I think I’m developing car sickness with age. Either way, pulling out a book and attempting to read it certainly doesn’t make me feel any better.

If I’m not in a comfortable position, I can’t read. I won’t even try, because I know I’ll be fidgeting until I get comfy. I think this is something a lot of people can relate to, but I’ve seen a surprising amount of people reading in what looks like the most uncomfortable positions and places during my time in college, so I felt this was worth mentioning.


“But Hayden, if you don’t use bookmarks and you don’t dog-ear your pages, how do you keep your place?!” Magic.

Kidding, obviously. I don’t dog-ear, don’t come after me thinking that I do, because I’m fairly certain there’s a secret society or a cult or something of people who destroy those in the world who dog-ear books. I don’t do it, I promise, I swear.

By “no bookmarks” I mean I don’t buy actual bookmarks anymore, and I rarely use them. There was a period in time where, any time I would go to Barnes & Noble and I would be lucky enough to be able to pick out a book (you know, back when my parents fully funded my addiction . . . good times), I would grab a cool bookmark while waiting in line at the register. This was mostly because I would start reading the book in the car on the way home, and duh, I’d need something to mark my page with.

Today, these bookmarks I’ve accumulated are strewn about the house, left in various books to be forgotten. Occasionally I will grab a book to read and I’ll notice a book that hasn’t been picked up in years but holds a bookmark. Clever me, I decide to think ahead to the inevitable moment where I have to put down the book to continue with everyday life, so I slide the bookmark out of the old book and use it. Sometimes I’ll find one laying around the house. Most of them are lost to the world, though.

So I use bookmarks, totally, if I can find them or if someone gives me one. Unfortunately I’ve stopped buying them though, because I realize where they’ll likely end up: stuck in an unfinished and forgotten book on the basement bookshelves.

Instead, I use stickies, receipts, any piece of paper I find. I don’t care much about bookmarks, really. I’d like to start over in the future and start caring about them, though, because I see such beautiful designs when I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed.

I suppose this list will suffice. I guess I don’t have that many weird habits, but I think the ones listed are pretty peculiar and specific.

Can you read in the car? Do you dog-ear? (If so, keep your eye out for that secret society, they may come for you.) What weird reading habits do you have? Leave a comment, I’d love to know!

One thought on “My Weird Reading Habits

  1. What a fabulous list! I could never listen to music while I’m reading, that would totally distract me and book jackets are really annoying aren’t they – good to look at but always in the way!
    Thank you so much for the mention and kind words 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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