What to Watch on Netflix

When I find something I like, I find it very hard to branch out and try new things, especially when it comes to shows. When I finish a show on Netflix and it recommends something new for me I’ll give it a try, but honestly it almost never works out and I just go back to my tried and true.

If you’re looking for something new (or old) to watch on Netflix, this list will be your best friend! I think it has something for everyone.

The Office

Otherwise known as the best show I’ve ever watched. So great, in fact, that I’ve watched it multiple times. It’s an old show (not old-old, but old as in it’s been in the world for a long time now), but I still won’t spoil anything. I will say there are mixed reviews on the second half of the show, but I still enjoy it. This show is definitely worth checking out if you like a good comedy.

Parks and Recreation

This one is up there with The Office, my second favorite show. I’ve also watched this one multiple times, it’s also a comedy. It’s very similar to The Office, in my opinion, but obviously not everyone agrees with me on that. Amy Poehler is in it, as well as Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman and Adam Scott . . . There are a lot of great people in this (there are some great people in The Office too). I recommend these first two shows to EVERYONE because I think everyone in the world should watch them. A surprising amount of people claim to not think these shows are funny (I think they’re lying and trying to be problematic) (just kidding everyone can have their own opinions) (but seriously how can you not think these shows are funny). I firmly believe they’re the best thing in the world and should be watched by everyone in existence. The day they’re taken off of Netflix is the day I cancel my subscription.

Arrested Development

I just recently started watching this one but it’s SO good. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch it. It has a lot of good actors in it, and it’s kind of oldish and weird to see them all so young. Hilarious, laugh-out-loud show.

New Girl

Ah! This show is so good. I think it’s underrated, because I don’t really hear anyone talking about it. And everyone SHOULD be talking about it, because it’s hilarious. The title is deceiving, because it implies that the entire show is about the main female character, but it’s actually about all the guys in the show. Jessica Day moves into an apartment with a group of guys, that’s basically the plot of the first episode. It’s weird, but it works. It’s cute and hilarious and you fall in love with the characters.

Bob’s Burgers

Okay, everyone definitely doesn’t agree with me on this one, but come ON. This show is amazing. Tina is so wonderfully awkward. I laugh hysterically every time I watch this. And there are so many seasons and episodes it feels like it never ends.

Gilmore Girls

A classic. This show actually helps motivate me to study sometimes, because I aspire to be Rory Gilmore. I see a lot of myself in her, and I think this is the case for a lot of people. It’s part of what makes the show so great. And the mother-daughter relationship between Rory and Lorelai is one every mother and daughter wish they had. Even if you have a healthy relationship with your mom or daughter, it’s hard to watch this show and not envy them. Their comments are witty and they operate as if they share the same brain or something. Such a cute show, so playful and fun and adorable. A good one to watch in the winter, cozied up in bed or on the couch in soft blankets.


This one came recommended by multiple family members, and I’m glad I watched it. I see myself re-watching this in the future. I cried an embarrassing amount of times throughout this show, but I’m also an emotional mess so this isn’t surprising. Just be ready to feel all the feels and experience all the emotions with this one.


I doubt there’s anyone reading this who hasn’t already heard of this show or watched it. For a while it was a show that was always just on TV so I’d watch whatever episode happened to be on (back when I actually watched TV). I also don’t remember a time that I didn’t know what this show was, it has always just been in my brain I guess? Anyway, this show makes me laugh and makes me feel emotions and they were NOT on a break. I mean, they were, but that didn’t give Ross the right . . . Okay. Watch this show.

I suppose there isn’t a show here for everyone, if you enjoy watching dark stuff. I might recommend Dexter, but I couldn’t get through that one myself so I’m not technically going to recommend it. Maybe just keep it in your noggin when you’re looking for a show to watch, because everyone else seems to love it. Or maybe you’ve already watched it.

What’s your favorite show to watch? Leave a comment!

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