Discount Finds

I recently took a trip to Salvation Army to check out their books. Sometimes I like to go see what they’ve got, because it can be a good way to force myself to look at books that I wouldn’t normally check out when there are countless other options around me. And believe me, it worked!

This is a quick, fun post consisting of a compilation of the books I found. No links, no extra info (I’m *not* including any synopses, but I *will* include the book title and author below).


Title: Barefoot

Author: Elin Hilderbrand


Title: Keep a Little Secret

Author: Dorothy Garlock


Title: We Were The Mulvaneys

Author: Joyce Carol Oates (!!!)


Title: Fall of Giants

Author: Ken Follett

And, an honorable mention because the inside of this book is stunning and technically I did buy it along with the others… (No, this isn’t the title page, but it is undeniably gorgeous.)


Title: The Lake House

Author: Kate Morton

Obviously I support buying fresh copies of work so authors can get paid and make a living, but thrift stores are fantastic ways for broke college students like myself and anyone who can’t afford it to buy books. Especially in areas where libraries aren’t an option (but if you *do* have a library, check there first!).


What are your latest book steals?

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