August Goals

Do I realize this post is a few days late? Absolutely. Is that going to stop me from making it? Absolutely NOT!

I think it’s important to have goals for each month. It’s nice to have resolutions for the new year, but I think it’s a lot harder to follow those because they’re usually long-term. I find short-term goals to be more successful. This is probably because I’m a major procrastinator. If I allow myself a whole year to make something happen, I’ll wait until December and then it won’t end up happening. If I give myself smaller more attainable goals for each month, I find them easier to accomplish and I’m much happier in the end.

Goal #1: Blog 3x a Week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

When I first started my blog a few weeks ago I tried posting every day of the week. I quickly found that this just isn’t possible for me, given my schedule. I had an internship every day of the week, and I was taking an online class. My internship is over, but I’m starting classes in a couple of weeks and I’m taking an overload this semester. My classes are all writing and literature, which are very time consuming. Even if I wanted to post 5 days a week it wouldn’t be happening. But frankly, I don’t want to. That just sounds so stressful, and this is supposed to be my happy space. I sometimes struggle with coming up with content for even 3 days of posting when I don’t have any reviews to write, so this will even be challenging. But I’m ready!

Goal #2: IF Diet

I’m not going to include a lot of information about this because it’s easy to look up if you want to know. I should first mention that I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. I was told these “cysts” aren’t actually cysts, they’re just extra follicles (or something?) in my ovaries, which are what turn into the eggs and stuff. Honestly I’m still trying to totally understand this. Anyway, it’s a hormonal disorder and it’s very common for women with PCOS to have trouble losing weight, especially in the abdominal area, and it’s common for women with PCOS to have diabetes because insulin levels are high due to all the hormonal issues.

I’ve been having trouble losing weight. I tried eating better, which helped me feel better (and hungry) but no results, and I work out every day rigorously and no results. IF is Intermittent Fasting, where you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. You can change the range of fasting to as much time as you want, and you can eat whatever you want for the 8 hours as long as you do it responsibly. Count calories or just eat healthy or something. And the idea is to not overeat once you’re able to eat during your 8-hour window. And it works best when you exercise as well. Anyway, I started doing this for a couple of days and already lost a little over a pound so I’m going to give it a shot. It’s a lot easier than I thought it’d be. I may post results as I see them on here, or after a month or so as an update.

Goal #3: Look Over Textbooks

My textbooks are on their way, and I was able to get 18 of them (sooooo many, as is the life of an English and Creative Writing student) for just under $200 THROUGH MY UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE. That’s insane, right? Anyway, I have 18 books on the way here so I want to at least check them out before classes start.

Goal #4: Finish and Review 2 Books

A lovely author sent me her debut novel to review and two lovely authors sent me an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and I’m so excited! I already started reading both books and they’re both soooooooo good. Seriously, I’m so excited to review them for you guys. That’s all I’ll say for now. 🙂

Goal #5: Read Blue Moon of The Immortals

I’m not sure how I feel about this book yet. I’m having trouble getting into it, but I think it might be because I’m remembering bits of it from when I read it the first time in middle school. Plus, I have other books I need to read and possibly review AND I have books on the way from lovely book angels who granted some of my bookish wish list wishes, so I’ll probably want to read and review those before continuing on with this series. Which is fine with me. It’s not like it’s going anywhere!

Goal #6: Grant A Bookish Wish

So, I wanted to stop at 5 goals because I think that’s more than enough for the month. I’ve included a little bit of everything, from my personal life to school to hobbies (except writing, but that can come in September). But I think I’d like to include a 6th goal, but make it something I’ve already managed to accomplish. I think this will help me get going on the rest of the list. Like, I have 6 things to make happen, but I already got one of them done, so go me! Let’s get the rest of these done! Yeah!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the bookish wish list tag on Twitter already. I plan on doing a post about it soon, maybe this week. I made it a goal to grant at least one wish for someone. So, I went through my books and found some that I don’t want and posted them. I originally made it only for US residents, but caved in when I saw how many INTL readers need these books. I just can’t say no. So, not only did I grant one person’s wish, but I granted about 9 book wishes yesterday and I feel so . . . Amazing? It’s just such a nice feeling. I’ve had those books sitting on my shelves for a few years. I read (some of) them. Some of them I love, some of them not so much. I decided that there has to be at least one person out there who might want one of them, and they’d be better off in someone else’s hands than staring at me on the shelf.

So, there you have it, my August Goals! It’s nice to get these down in writing so I can keep track of them. Maybe I’ll do these every month, and at the end of the month do a little follow-up on what goals I was able to accomplish.

What are your August goals? Let me know in the comments!

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