Internship Summer 2018: Wrap-Up

This summer I returned to Martin Engineering as a marketing intern. While my main focus is reading and writing and working in publishing, I think it’s important for everyone to know a little bit about marketing.

I started this internship the summer of 2017 when I was planning on majoring in Interactive Digital Studies at my last university. Please don’t ask me what that major means, because I still couldn’t even tell you. That’s part of the reason I changed majors. All I know is, it’s a communications major and my two focuses were writing and marketing. Just, not the writing I wanted to do. Heh.

So I interned with Martin Engineering, a company in the bulk materials handling industry that makes conveyor belt cleaners, transfer point products, air cannons, truck and railcar vibrators. None of that probably means anything to you, and to be honest it didn’t mean anything to me when I first started (and my dad actually works for this company and has for over 25 years, so that should tell you something), but I’m glad I understand it all now. It’s nice to know what your dad does for a living.

I worked with the marketing department last summer and they asked if I’d like to come back again this year, so I did! They’re so nice and so much fun. While I didn’t do a lot of writing during my internship, I asked my supervisor if I could learn more about website stuff and InDesign. So I helped post articles and case studies on Martin’s website and I created and edited some brochures and pamphlets in InDesign. My advisor at my new university emailed all of her students this summer with a list of skills publishers look for in new hires, so that’s what led me to request these two projects.

This is a short blog post, just something I wanted to share with my readers. Don’t limit your experiences and opportunities. I’m from a very small town that is surrounded by other small towns and small cities. There are publishing and magazine jobs in my college town, but I don’t live there yet and I needed a job while also gaining valuable experience. If I had limited my options to just publishing-related jobs, I wouldn’t have found a job at all. Well, maybe at a Kohl’s or something, but how helpful is that?

I kept my options open and went back to Martin because I knew I could get valuable experience there as long as I was working in the right department. No, it wasn’t exactly publishing, but I learned valuable skills I’ll need in the future. Not to mention, I was given the opportunity to help edit and slightly revise one of the books the company gives out and sells to customers all over the world. My picture might be going in the back of the book. This could potentially be super helpful when it comes time to apply to publishing companies. I have actual proof of actual experience editing an actual professional book. If I had turned away from this internship because it’s not in the industry I want to work in, I would never have gotten that opportunity. I’m so grateful.

Moral of the story: Don’t limit your options. You never know what will happen. And you may just have a super fun time and meet some amazing people, too.

Have you taken an opportunity that pleasantly surprised you? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me about it in the comments.

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