Blogmas 2018 Schedule

Hi everyone! Long time no talk, sort of?

Since this is going up on Monday, December 3rd, I want to take a moment to quickly remind you that the giveaway on my last blog post is ending TONIGHT! So if you haven’t entered yet, make sure you do that. And if you have entered already, go enter some more because you can increase your chances of winning! The prize is a signed copy of Waypoint as well as an Amazon gift card, a super handy gift for both the holiday season AND stressful finals season if you’re a student. Use it to save money buying Christmas presents or treat yourself! But go enter before it ends!

Okay, now that housekeeping is out of the way let’s get started on what we’re here for: BLOGMAS! (Am I the only one who feels like this year has taken forever, yet it’s somehow already December? Like, what?)

I thought it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to let you guys in on what I’ve got planned for Blogmas this year. Sure, I could keep it a surprise and just dive right in, but I also have some things I want to explain as well so I figured this was the best way to do it. (Sorry if I’m a little scatterbrained in this post, my boyfriend is currently playing Madden and also singing and it’s getting in my head a little. Sigh. It’s okay we still like him.)

So, I will go ahead and type up my (TENTATIVE) schedule for blogmas this year! I’ll include dates and days of the week, just so I can feel organized af. I think this way you guys will not only know what to expect from me, but maybe other people can get a little bit of inspiration from what I plan on posting? Or maybe not? Whatever right?

TUESDAY, 4TH: My Christmas Tree
WEDNESDAY, 5TH: Nine Perfect Strangers Review
THURSDAY, 6TH: Favorite Christmas Movies
FRIDAY, 7TH: Most Embarrassing Christmas Memory
MONDAY, 10TH: Gingerbread Houses
TUESDAY, 11TH: Favorite Christmas Memory
WEDNESDAY, 12TH: Gift Ideas for Book Bloggers & Book Lovers
THURSDAY, 13TH: My Christmas Bookish Wish List
FRIDAY, 14TH: How I Listen to Christmas Music (feat. my favorite songs)
MONDAY, 17TH: Favorite Christmas Book
TUESDAY, 18TH: How I Survived Finals
THURSDAY, 20TH: First Semester at My Transfer University Wrap-Up
FRIDAY, 21ST: My Christmas Traditions
MONDAY, 24TH: What I’m Reading Over Winter Break
TUESDAY, 25TH: Things I’m Grateful For
WEDNESDAY, 26TH: Goals/Plans for 2019
THURSDAY, 27TH: My Christmas Presents
FRIDAY, 28TH: Our Christmas Cookies (feat. my favorite frosting recipe)
MONDAY, 31ST: My Top Reads of 2018

There you go, my full schedule! Hopefully I can stick to it. As you can see, I do have finals going on. I have to create two writing portfolios, which won’t be too time consuming. I have to write a paper, which is due this Thursday. And I have one exam, but of course it’s on the last day of finals. I’m also going to be celebrating my boyfriend’s 21st birthday these next two weekends, because he is unfortunate enough to have a 21st birthday that falls on the weekend right before finals. So basically, I’m going to be very busy these next couple of weeks and weekends which is why I’m only scheduling blog posts for during the week. And, again, this is a tentative schedule and if it changes I’ll try to come here and adjust it for those who care.

This leads me to what I have planned for the weekends, though. Obviously I’m going to be studying and doing homework, and scheduling posts for during the week. But starting next weekend I’m going to be live-tweeting Christmas movies I watch. I love Christmas movies, because hello I love Christmas and winter, and I always watch the amazing classic movies we all know and love but of COURSE I have to watch the cringey Hallmark movies as well. Let’s be honest, they all have the same basic plot. But does that keep me from watching them? AbsoLUTEly not. 

So I thought it would be fun to live-tweet those movies. I know Hallmark likes to premiere new movies every weekend or something, so if it happens to be a new one… Well, I’m not sure how I’ll handle that yet. I was sort of hoping you guys might weigh in on this a little bit. Should I live-tweet it and just keep it vague, as not to spoil anything for Hallmark lovers? Or should I just disclose that it’s going to be a spoiler live-tweet moment and go ham? Definitely let me know your thoughts. When I do book reviews on my blog I keep them non-spoiler-y, but perhaps I could do this differently because, in the end, they ARE just Hallmark movies. And we all can probably predict how they’ll go anyway. *sips tea*

That should be all I have for now. Oh, and also I really just wanted an excuse to officially introduce and use this horribly edited picture I made. For any post I have this month that doesn’t have a photo associated with it, I’m going to use this. If this all goes well, hopefully I can do blogmas again next year. And perhaps I can have something way cuter to use. ALL of the apologies for that, it was on a whim and I quickly realized I’m not as creative as I thought. Yikes. 

If YOU are participating in blogmas this year, let me know in the comments! Once I go home for winter break I’d love to take some time to relax and check out everyone else’s blogmas posts. I haven’t had free time to check out other blogs in a while, so I’m excited for the break.

Happy Blogidays! (Why am I like this)

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