My Christmas Tree (2018)

I think it’s time to get a little festive, wouldn’t you agree?

This post is short and sweet. I really just want to show off my Christmas tree! Some of you might be a little confused because this literally looks nothing like where I take any of my photos. That’s because this is at my house, not my apartment. And this is technically my mom’s tree, and her ornaments, her everything. She has such good taste. Must be where I get it. 😉

Every year I help my mom put up our Christmas trees. Yes, plural, TREES. We have one in our entryway area, which is usually where the one pictured here goes. Last year I decorated it by myself, and I did quite a bit of it myself this year too while watching Christmas shows because my mom wasn’t feeling the best. Of course, in her mom way, she was still helpful though when I asked her where I should place certain ornaments. We’re VERY anal about our decorating. We also have a tree in our living room every year, which I will insert a little clip of it HERE (a clip because I want to show how much the tree sparkles even when you’re standing in one place and the tree is still):


Hi, this is our living room. Or, actually, it used to be up until this year. My parents are remodeling our house, so this room no longer exists. Which means this tree doesn’t exist this year. Our active living space is our basement for a while, and this tree is way too tall to fit down there, which is why we’re using our flocked tree. We DO technically have another tree that used to go down there, a short and fat version of the living room tree. We covered it in colorful ornaments and glitter and tinsel, and my mom fell so in love with it that she decided it needed to be our main tree. So she took that style and put it on our living room tree, which used to be covered in rustic ornaments. Also beautiful.

It was my idea to use the flocked tree in the basement this year. We could have kept it in our entryway, and then put a colorful short and fat tree in the basement like we used to, but I thought the flocked tree’s vibe went with the basement a little better. I’ll stop babbling now and insert photos of our tree! (There are more Christmas trees in our house, big and small, but I won’t get into that. We love Christmas. Also, we have flocked garland in our basement to match the tree and we put lights and glittery pine cones in it and it’s beautiful and I wish I had a picture.)

Soooo, that’s it! Our lovely tree this year, and a little bonus clip of our tree last year. I love Christmas so much.

Happy Blogidays!

5 thoughts on “My Christmas Tree (2018)

  1. Omg! I love, love your trees!!! I always wanted to do themes on my trees or certain colors but my husband does not allow it. He’s all… all the colors and all the random ornaments, even ornaments from when he was a kid. Oh well. haha. I’ll live through others!

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    1. Ha! That’s kind of the theme behind our “multicolor” tree. We have multicolored lights, multicolored ornaments of different shapes and sizes, and random ones! My mom even buys us each a new ornament each year to have on the tree. It’s jam-packed, but it’s kind of cool in person!

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