We Made Gingerbread Houses!

Ah, the art of making a horrible gingerbread house. Does anyone else enjoy this, or is it just me?

We got our gingerbread house kits at Walmart, but there are so many options there I’m not going to attempt to link them or anything. Plus, not everyone uses Walmart anyway. So whatever, right? The point is, they’re gingerbread house kits. The houses themselves were pre-built, which was honestly kind of annoying because that’s sort of where the fun starts. Oh well.

My boyfriend and I decided to invite friends over to build gingerbread houses, so I thought it would be fun to take some pictures and let you guys see the finished products! I only took pictures of mine and his, because our friends took theirs home with them.

SO. Here are some pictures of mine!

Okay so I actually am kind of proud of how I iced those shingles on the roof. But the rest of the house sucks. I hate that I used those gum drop (?) candies around the door, I hate how I made the door, and I tried to ice a window onto the back but it looked terrible so I ended up covering the back of the house in white icing. I didn’t bother taking a picture because it’s atrocious.

HAHA moving on. Here’s my boyfriend’s.

I think his is way cuter. If we would’ve just made one house together I think it would’ve turned out so cute. Maybe next year!

Do you bother making gingerbread houses? Do you make them yourself, or buy kits? I think it’d be cool to make the whole thing yourself, because you could make a big house.

Happy Blogidays!

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