My Favorite Christmas Memory

Don’t you all just love this time of the year? I know I do. 

Okay, so for some reason I thought it would be a fun idea to write about a favorite Christmas memory of mine. However, I guess when I came up with this idea I thought I’d be able to come up with a favorite memory by now. 

It’s not that I don’t have any fond Christmas memories, I just feel like most of them involve traditions and I already have a post coming up about my Christmas traditions! But okay, it’s fine, we’ll make this happen. Because I actually think I do have a favorite memory.

This memory sort of involves a Christmas tradition, but the tradition itself is not what I’m writing about.

Growing up, my sister and I used to wake up around 4-5 AM and go out into the living room to check out the presents under the tree. There was one time we did it and presents weren’t there yet, so obviously we assumed Santa just hadn’t come yet so we had to go back to sleep. But every other year there were always tons of presents magically under the tree. We wouldn’t open them, we knew better than that. And we would try not to mess with them either, I’m not sure why. But after we checked on the presents we would go to our parents’ room and wake them up, and every year they would tell us to wait until 6 o’clock and THEN we could open presents.

I don’t know when we stopped doing this. I don’t know. I remember doing it for a really long time, but I also don’t know why we would do it after we found out Santa wasn’t real. (Spoiler: Santa isn’t real.) Even now we still wake up relatively early to open presents on Christmas morning, just not as early and our parents kind of wake us up now.

Anyway, there was one year we went out into the living room and there was this really awesome wooden box under the tree. It wasn’t exactly heavy, it was light enough for little me to carry, but it was pretty big. It was propped open and full of that decorative hay, and laying inside were potion bottles. There was a short red one that was kind of round, a tall and curvy green one. And they were glass.

What was coolest, though, was that they were for ME. My sister and I had always been obsessed with Harry Potter (still are, ha), we had Hogwarts robes (Gryffindor, although since then I’ve discovered I’m a Hufflepuff), we had Harry and Hermione’s wands (because those were always the characters we chose to be when we played; I was Hermione), we had all of the -ology books: WizardologyDragonology. There were more, those are the main ones I remember. We were obsessed. But for some reason, those potion bottles were specifically for me.

Here’s why, which is actually part of what makes this Christmas memory even cooler.

A few days before Christmas, I decided to inform my mom that I wanted potion bottles. REAL ones. And a cool wooden chest. My mom was always the mastermind behind Santa, so after she heard that she was exasperated. Like, come on kid, really? A couple of days before Christmas and you’re going to ask for something this impossible?

She made it happen, though. This is my mental reminder to ask her how she pulled it off. My mom was awesome like that. IS awesome like that. She made our childhoods so magical.

So, yeah. I asked Santa for a ridiculous gift, even more ridiculous considering I was in elementary school, and Santa came through at the last minute. And sitting under our glowing Christmas tree in the dark living room at 4:30 in the morning on Christmas morning was an open wooden box filled with fake hay and potion bottles. I kept them for a really long time. I even created fake potions and put them in the bottles, which I sort of regret now because the bottles were way too nice for stuff like that, but I was a kid. 

I’m not sure if we still have them. I hope we do, but I have a feeling we got rid of them somehow. If we have them, I’ll definitely post an update on my Twitter and/or Instagram.

What’s YOUR favorite Christmas/holiday/winter memory? 

Happy Blogidays!

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