My First Q&A

Hi everyone!

For my 22nd birthday I thought it would be fun to do my first EVER Q&A. So, I went on Twitter and Instagram and told you guys to ask me some questions. I’m really happy with the turnout, so thank you to everyone who participated!

I got some really fun questions from you all. I was originally going to make it a goal to reach 22 questions total, but the questions you guys asked are really fun and interesting so perhaps next week I’ll just do a post of 22 facts about me or something along those lines.

So . . . Let’s get started!

Question #1 is from @elle_in.wonderland:

I love this question!

Generally speaking I’d love it if any Sarah Dessen book would be adapted into *anything* (but preferably a Netflix series where each season is a different book . . .), but I feel like I never shut up about that. Nor will I ever shut up about it. But that’s not the question here, is it?

If I had to pick any book, I have to pick The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. It’s my favorite book of all time. I had an old paperback of it, let a friend borrow it and she never returned it so I had to buy a new one, which is now almost as used as the first copy I had. It’s like my comfort food in book form.

As for who would star in the movie? I have literally no idea. I haven’t thought about that! Perhaps Elle Fanning could play Macy?

This is such a boring answer to this question, but ugh. I try to avoid thinking about who I’d want to play these characters because I have such detailed versions of them in my head by now that I don’t think anyone will really fit the role for me. But that being said, it still wouldn’t prevent me from watching a movie or series based off of the book!

Questions #2, 3, and 4 are from Lauren at Lala’s Book Reviews:

My favorite book to reread is The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, BUT I’d also say it kind of depends on my mood. I’ve read all of her books at least 4 times . . .

Hmmm my favorite trope. This is so tricky because it means I just have to pick one. To be quite honest, I’m not even sure I’m familiar with ALL of the tropes (and we’re just talking YA here), so I feel like I’m going to leave something out or pick a favorite and then realize there’s something I enjoy better. I’ll make a quick list of some that I actually *don’t* loathe entirely.

A secret, lifelong love

SIMPLY BECAUSE this means, in my mind, the complete opposite of love at first sight. Which, if you were to have asked me what my least favorite trope is, would definitely be among my many answers.

Hate-to-love romance

*stares over at my copy of The Cruel Prince on my nightstand*

But for real, I don’t know why I love this but I DO. Probably because, the relatively few times I’ve actually read a book with this trope, it’s been done well and in a way I can totally manage to get behind.

Villain redemption

Soooooo this is 100000% Jaime Lannister for me (in the books *and* the show) and now I kind of love him a little bit. Fight me on this. (But actually please don’t I’m fragile.)

Oh, and NO I’m not a fan of love triangles. They’re always unnecessary, problematic, and easily solvable if people would just get their shit together. I mean, I know I’m reading YA and I have to take that into consideration. But COME ON. There was never even ONE love triangle in my high school. How can we have books about so many??? They’re not realistic. And they’re usually pointless in the books I see them in. We are NOT here for that trope.

Question #5 (did not come with a requested link but I will include their Twitter @ so you can check them out if you’d like!):

*clears throat*

*sits down in large padded reading chair that I do not own*

*crosses legs*

*crosses arms*

My 22 yo self is very disappointed in my teen self for a lot of reasons. But I am also sympathetic towards her and have a lot of stuff I would go back and tell her and change, if I had the chance.

And I would also tell her to try harder to get back together with her boyfriend instead of waiting a year to make it happen (spoiler: we’re back together, have been for almost 6 years, and he’s playing Space Invaders with me in that photo and we sucked at it).

Question #6 is from Jthbooks:

Okay this is actually the hardest question to answer ever because I don’t remember?? I loved reading back in elementary school and I still love the books I read although I can’t remember *all* of them. The Giving Tree is absolutely a favorite, always will be. But I also read a lot of Dr. Seuss, which I still love to be honest.

But I think a huge one that I have to give major credit to is Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park. I remember reading the Christmas one in a day. In elementary school. Mind you, these are little chapter books. Ugh. I still love those books. (I’m way too old for them but if I have children someday I’d love if they could read them.)

Questions #7, 8, and 9 are from Elysia at Light of the Bookworm:

The best answer I can come up with is Hermione. How cliché is that?

But for real, I’ve *always* been Hermione. I had (have . . .) the frizzy/poofy hair that’s the same color as hers, I even used to have the same teeth before I got braces. They were pretty bad. And when I was little my mom actually said I resembled her a little, just in facial features, which looking back I agree with.

More than just physically, though, I love reading and I love learning. All the classes she takes in the books seem like classes I’d be interested in (but honestly, ALL the classes are classes I’d be interested in . . . it’s magic for crying out loud). She’s wise, and not to toot my own horn but I’ve been told I’m wise beyond my years. We have similar attitudes. And she cared so much about the house elves! I related to that so much! I’m so mad that wasn’t in the movies!

Basically our only difference is that I’m a Hufflepuff. And that I’m not a wizard. (Or am I?)

Okay okay okay. Elysia, you are *actually* evil for making me choose between the two.

In reality, this is an impossible decision that I would never be able to make because I LOVE THEM BOTH. That being said . . . I *have* read all of the HP books, and I’ve watched all of the movies countless times and can (and do, frequently) easily quote them. And I used to play HP with my sister growing up. I had potion bottles. I had Hermione’s wand. I had a Gryffindor robe. I had The Works.

I’ve read The Hobbit, and I started LOTR and couldn’t get through the first book. I know, I KNOW. I hope to read them someday; this series is one of the very select few my boyfriend has read and loves. (He hasn’t even read HP yet, guys.) I just need to find the right time and place to read them. Beyond that, I’ve watched all of the movies (Hobbit included) a very countable amount of times. I can quote them, but HP always comes to mind first. And growing up, we sort of incorporated LOTR stuff into our play but for the most part focused on HP.

But I do still love all things LOTR. I have all the books, I have giant books about Tolkien and Middle Earth and LOTR, we have all the movies, we’ve got it all. I just, logically, on paper, have to go with HP for this one.

I do have pets! Thank you for asking! I have a female Lhasa Apso named Lilly Beans (Lilly, Bean, Beans, Beaner, Neaner, Monkey, Monkey-Face, Monkey-Girl, Goob, the list goes on tbh). But seriously, don’t look up photos of Lhasa Apsos because literally NONE of them look even remotely close to my dog. She doesn’t have freakishly long hair, she’s not tiny and ugly. I guess some of the photos look like her a little bit, but also idk. She’s kind of her own thing. Could I insert a photo of her here? I absolutely could. But I don’t think I will. Sometimes I put her on my IG story though. 🙂

Questions #10 and 11 is from Just Dawn (again, no link but their handle is below!):

Horror is a genre that can be difficult for me to enjoy, because I tend to predict what’s going to happen, but I do find that a lot of Stephen King’s novels work out for me. (I mean, there are so freaking many to choose from, SOME of them have to work out, right?)

(Adult) Sci-fi, speculative fiction, dystopian novels are not something I generally enjoy. The genres themselves can be hard for me to get into, but YA is usually manageable simply because of all of the underlying themes and tropes that I typically get into in other YA novels. Adult, though, is very boring for me if I’m being honest . . .

I was walking around campus early this semester (I think?) and was handed a book. I took it home and decided maybe I could read it and review it. I couldn’t even tell you what genre it was specifically, but it was definitely sci-fi or something. The first scene in the first chapter was all about a man waking up from a dream about a voice and him having a massive erection. What a great way to start a novel. I tossed it aside and haven’t even so much as *looked* at the book since.

Which is not to say this encompasses that entire genre. It’s just an example of the weird shit I come across in most adult fiction. I can’t give you an example from THIS genre that has worked for me, because frankly they haven’t been memorable enough for me to remember them. But I do know there have been a couple of decent reads. I just gave up trying to find the diamonds in the rough, because I never seem to find them.

(I hope that answer makes sense, I feel like I kept going on tangents!)

Question #12 is from sweet Olivia:

I love these questions, and I love that we’re finishing this off on such a nice, more personal note!

I started blogging because I’ve been eyeing the blogging community for a few years now and was fascinated by it, but never knew how to get involved or what to even blog about. Last summer I discovered Bookstagram and book blogs and thought, wow, I can totally do that right?! So I did!

Writing down my thoughts is kind of therapeutic, even if most of it is book reviews. I always find I have a lot to say about the books I read and the movies I watch, spoiler-y and non-spoiler-y, but often times (especially when it comes to books) I have no one to talk to. I’m the only big reader in my life. There are people who will listen, but I can tell they don’t care because they don’t really know what I’m talking about. I honestly feel so much happier and more at home in my life since finding this community, even though I still don’t really know anyone and haven’t made any personal connections yet. Everyone is so welcoming. I feel like I’ve found my place and, for now, that’s enough for me.

I think my favorite thing to write about blog-wise is books, especially book reviews. I love being able to articulate my thoughts on the page and hit “publish” and see that there are people who agree with me and who care about what I have to say! Even those who disagree, I love the discourse. It’s so wonderful to be able to actually talk about what I love. No matter what people’s opinions are, whether we agree or not, for me it’s about the discussion.

Generally speaking, I love writing YA. I’ve been writing YA since before I even knew what the genre was (I started in 5th grade). I’ve attempted YA fantasy, which could still be on the table for me, but I recently set that WIP aside to pursue something contemporary. That’s where I’m most comfortable and where my ideas flow better. But fantasy is fun, too, so I hope I can get into writing that more comfortably at some point!

My least favorite thing to write about (blog-wise) is hard to say, because I’ve only written things on my blog so far that I enjoy. But generally speaking, science fiction is a hard no for me. I can’t do it. Sci-fi, dystopia, speculative fiction, all of that is just a big fat NO for my brain. I mean, I’ll read it if it’s good, but writing it just doesn’t happen. Not in this noggin.

Thank you again to everyone who asked me questions, and thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It was a great day.

Part 2 of my March book haul will be up later this week. There was definitely a specific reason for splitting it up into 2 parts originally, but that reason got kind of messed up today (for the BEST reason) but I’ll explain that in the post.

xoxo, Hayden

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