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For all business inquiries, please email me directly at Business inquiries may include sponsorship opportunities and reviews on books (ARCs and already published), clothing, self-care items, and home (decor, items, furniture, etc). Please note that these relatively broad categories are due to this blog being new to both myself and my readers, and in time can/will be narrowed down to stricter categories as I get a feel for what I want to talk about and what my readers want to hear from me.

If a reader has questions or propositions for me they cannot post in the comments, please feel free to contact me here or email me directly at

Response time to emails will vary based on my schedule throughout the year, as I am still in college, have multiple email accounts to maintain, as well as multiple social media channels to update alongside creating content for this blog. It is important to me to communicate with readers and businesses; therefore, my response time will never exceed 1 week. My current response time is 1 day or less. If you do not receive a response within 1 week, please follow-up one time. If I do not acknowledge the follow-up, please assume I am not interested. (I will never not acknowledge an email from a reader with questions, this does not apply to readers with propositions.)